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AUDAZ works with the highest standard in the agency of international import and export transportation. Check the services provided.
Importação Aérea, Marítima e Rodoviária

Air, Sea and Road Importation

Recognized in the market as a company specialized in this important and delicate modal, AUDAZ GLOBAL counts with a team focused on finding the best freight logistics for each specific market. We treat each process as unique, aiming to meet the needs of each customer.

Exportação Aérea, Marítima e Rodoviária

Air, Sea and Road Exportation

As a specialized company, AUDAZ operates in all stages of the export process, in any of the logistical modes, offering all the assistance regarding legal information, professional operating team and the best value for money, customized to the customer’s specific market.

Transporte Rodoviário

Road Transport

AUDAZ GLOBAL offers a road transport service dedicated to any type of Import and Export. We count on our own fleet and all vehicles are tracked.

Seguro Internacional

International insurance

In order to cover any types of damages/losses that eventually compromise the integrity of the goods during the import process (it is optional as a way of obtaining protection ) or during export (it may be an obligation, a requirement of the buyer).

Desembaraço Aduaneiro

Customs clearance

This important stage of the international logistics process is coordinated with great responsibility and seriousness by AUDAZ GLOBAL in partnership with the best local companies



AUDAZ GLOBAL offers a storage service for any type of Import and Export. We own a warehouse of 1290 m², inside a closed condominium.